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Lightweight API integration solution usable both as a cloud service, self-hosted on-premise or in a greatly-featured open source version.

No-code, fully UI-supported API conversions.

Low-code scheduling & orchestration of flows and validation.

Enterprise-grade security, deployment options, auditability, connectors, and templates.

Optional SLAs and customization for your use case.

Amonga is great for connecting source systems, esp. legacy systems to modern APIs and heavy enterprise solutions to external ecosystems and SaaS tools.

 Amonga focused on simplicity and efficiency in solving enterprise integration challenges, and not e.g. personal website / e-commerce / social media analytics integrations.

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Why We Should Use Amonga?

Deploy APIs within minutes
Low code, great UI
  • Deploy API integration flows as both API, Docker containers and .JAR
  • API conversions fully web-based, no desktop UI
  • Adapt integration flows to changing APIs without code via the Amonga UI only
  • Built-in scheduling & orchestration, support for external scheduling
  • Deploy to and manage multiple environments
  • Full audit trail and monitoring capabilities
  • Testing and validation automation
  • Realtime & batch
  • Direct deployment of changes to any environment with a few clicks
  • No need for separate deployment pipelines and complex DevOps capabilities
  • Pre-built templates for different industries
  • Many pre-built connectors to source systems and formats
  • Everything-as-code underneath, optional ability to manually customize
  • Focus on easily managing APIs changes without the underlying technical complexity
  • Great UI for designing conversions and integration flows, usable by citizen developers
  • Independence and flexibility for both business users and IT users / developers to use and configure Amonga
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Frequently Asked questions

Who should use this solution? show description
Amonga is great for a variety of teams and purposes. It fits best for connecting to external APIs that oftentimes change multiple times per year.

Small and agile IT teams leverage Amonga to provide instant connectivity between their applications and data to external APIs without the need to write and maintain complex code and conversions.

Enterprise users, including both business departments as well as IT departments, get Amonga to connect existing core systems to the APIs of modern SaaS solutions and benefit from enterprise performance, environments handling and deployment capabilities.
Is the free/demo version fully featured? show description
Yes, all features are there. It uses a shared Kubernetes environment in the back. We have a limit of 1x API and 1x scheduler and a cap on the maximum transaction payload size of 512kb, plus a limit of 300 transactions per month.

You can upgrade to a paid account for significantly increased or unlimited use.
Enterprise pricing for my use case – how do I get in touch? show description
Please contact us at sales@amonga.com and we will be happy to provide you with an offer to match your needs. 
Is this an ETL tool? show description
Not, not in the classical database ETL sense. 

Amonga is a data integration solution that sits upstream between your applications and provides high-performance, real-time conversion to APIs and thus managed, flexible connectivity between systems.

Yet, Amonga also provides batch functionality as well as internal and external scheduling and orchestration. You can use it as an ETL tool especially in cases where you need to perform hundreds of (thousands or even millions) of API calls every day at a predefined time or condition.
When will the open-source version be available? show description
Expect an open-source version of Amonga in Q2/2024. We intend to release large parts of Amonga while only reserving the right to provide the managed/cloud option for ourselves.
Can I configure complex orchestration to my flows? show description

Yes, therein lies the simplicity and usefulness of Amonga. Using the Amonga visual designer you can define complex conversions, sub-conversions with a variety of functions to transform the data. You can then schedule and orchestrate these flows with the built-in scheduler or embed them within the pipeline of an external orchestration tool.

Who is the creator of Amonga? show description

Amonga is a product of Specific-Group (SPG) Austria and its subdivision Specific-Group Data Solutions.

SPG is an IT services company with 25 years history, 8 offices and 12 locations and is, as of late 2023, about 450-people strong.


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